Lorenzo's Legion has broken free
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4,286 Generated Sneaker Monster NFTs will escape the grasp of the Sinister Republic of Resellers.
For too long, the loyal and loving Sneaker Monsters have been trapped and kept prisoner by the sinister Republic of Resellers, their Bot armies ruthlessly rounding up all the Monsters in the world. Trapping them in sullen dark warehouse, auction off for outrageous fees.

Now a plan has been hatched by the mysterious Architect and the Sneaker Monsters have mobilized and will soon start their escape.

Over the course of the next year, 12 unique races of Sneaker Monsters will break free. Each one’s lineage and DNA can be traced to one legendary sneaker.

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What's a Sneaker Monster
Sneaker Monster Planned Escapes



The Initial Escape

12 choreographed escapes from different sneakers, planned and orchestrated by the architect.

Once each Escape sells out, one lucky holder will win the shoe it's based on.

A percentage of initial minting - minus the cost of the giveaway sneaker and gas fees - will go to a Charity



Royalties from secondary markets of Sneaker Monster sales will go to into a community fund to librate more sneakers from Resellers.

Once a threshold has been reached, we will give the sneaker monster holder the option to librate one shoe of their choice, and pay retail for it.

Check the Discord for the details of how the Sneaker Liberation Fund will work.

The Community Liberation fund covers the extra dollars needed to release the shoe from a reseller.


Preventive Action

Access to pre-sales and drops from select vendors for sneakers for all Sneaker Monster holders.

Begin building a new sneaker community to combat reseller fees and bot army.


The Bot Take-over

Use the community fund to build our own bot army and purchase hard to get sneakers and difficult drops.

Then we will re-list them for sale to Sneaker Monster members for a leisurely shopping period of 48 hours before turning the sales public.

The whole time sneakers WILL always be listed for retail prices.

Monster Squad

The Architect

OG Monster

The monster behind the escape, our leader and founder of the movement. Might or might not be the same person as the designer and web development.

The Monster in the Machine

Web Monster

A Monster who wears a lot of hats. Started as a chef, then a graphic designer, now a developer. Well versed in tons of things, master of none.

The Artist


Maybe the same guy as the Architect, who is just doing his best with a broken tablet and some silly string.

The Monster App

App Guys

The people that made the escaping of our Monsters possible!


How many Sneaker Monsters will their be?

Plus sign

The initial 12 escapes will release a total of 4,286 sneaker monsters. That will be Series 1, if it's successful, we hope to create a community and a second series with all new sneakers.

Why get a Sneaker Monster

Plus sign

We are sneaker lovers at heart and tired of bots and resellers getting all the good sneakers. The goal is to build a community free of resell fees and allow exchange and purchasing of sneakers at a fair prices.

Once each escape is sold out, we not only will donate  the proceeds from the Mint to a charity. Plus one lucky owner from the drop will get a pair of the sneaker the drop is based on.

Eventually we hope to use the a community fund to run a bot army to purchase sneakers and resell them at retail.

What are the Mint Details

Plus sign

We will mint in 12 different escapes, each featuring a different legendary sneaker as the base. See the Escape scheduled for Mint Price and number.

We are aiming to launch in a fair and distributable manner, free from grinding, botting and exploits. Mint price will be revealed closer to the date, but will be affordable for everyone.

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