Queen City Volleyball

Logo and Branding
Web Development
Monthly Maintenance

Project Scope:

Queen City Volleyball is a prominent youth volleyball club dedicated to fostering athletic development and a passion for the sport. We had the honor of creating a dynamic website that showcases Queen City Volleyball's programs, events, and achievements. Through meticulous web development, we ensured an engaging and user-friendly platform where aspiring young athletes and their families can explore the club's offerings, register for training sessions, and stay updated with the latest news and results. We crafted a captivating logo that captures the essence of Queen City Volleyball, representing its dedication, unity, and competitive spirit. With our expertise in web design and branding, we have successfully delivered a visually appealing and highly functional website that reflects the club's professionalism and commitment to excellence. Join us as we celebrate Queen City Volleyball and invite you to discover the exciting world of youth volleyball, where dreams are nurtured and champions are born.

Project Details:

Time Period
2018 to Present
and Skills Used:
Brand identity development
Content management system (CMS) integration
Custom website design
Infographic design
Website maintenance and updates
Wordpress Development