Our Passion Projects

In Showbiz, they say you do one for the studio and then one for you. These are all for us.

Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life.

In addition to design partnerships, we promote a healthy appetite for unique and creative projects that are personal to our team members. These were all born out of pure passion and wanted to make something fresh and unique while sharping our design skills.

Something created out of passion and love yields better results than a creation born from consumer desire. So, please enjoy this collection of our side hustles and passion projects.

Athletic Federation of Wakanda Website

Inspired by Marvel's Black Panther, we created a ficitious Athletics Federation of Wakanda, with a goal of competiting in the 2020 Olympics.


All of your favorite perfect athletic specimens with just a bit more to love! Check out the whole collection!

Not Straving 5
Legendary Fat Flyers

Sneaks 4 Cleats

We love sneakers!. So it was only natural to want to dabble in the shoe game. We have taken some of the hottest sneakers around and turned them into soccer cleats. Which happens to be another passion. Enjoy the entire collection.

Childhood Heroes Collection

Some Lovable winners and losers from our collective 90s childhood.

Viral Marketing Websites